Lily Beechey

Lily Beechey (AES, AEP, ESSAM) – Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Key Services: Exercise Physiology, Onero; Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Health Conditions, Womens Health

Lily holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Clinical Exercise Physiology from Griffith University, Gold Coast.

Lily has undergone specialised training in Onero, she loves keeping up to date with the latest research and assisting individuals of all ages and backgrounds through exercise. Recently making the move from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, she is excited to bring her knowledge and enthusiasm to the diverse landscape of Melbourne. Lily’s professional passion centres around women’s health, where she believes in the powerful influence of exercise on fertility, hormone regulation and overall well-being. She takes pride in her ability to craft tailored lifestyle changes that positively impact individuals dealing with chronic conditions. 

In her approach to Exercise Physiology, Lily embraces a holistic methodology. She is enthusiastic about empowering individuals through evidence-based interventions, personalised exercise plans and hands-on guidance. When not at work, Lily’s interests extend to various activities, from pushing her limits at the gym to exploring the South Melbourne markets and satisfying her foodie cravings at the latest eateries in Melbourne.