If you would like expert assistance to lose weight, Dr Ann Watt can help. She is Optifast accredited and has experience in evidence–based, rapid, safe weight loss with a ketogenic diet. She will be sensitive to your concerns, and carefully assess your suitability for this approach. She will help you gain confidence in managing your weight with strategies (including medication if necessary) to prevent weight gain.


Dr Ann Watt’s approach using a Very Low Calorie Ketogenic Diet (VLCD), is well researched and evidence -based.  This diet is used by endocrinologists in weight loss clinics in Australia and overseas, to improve people’s health and well-being. It is a medically supervised diet as it has to be tailored to the individual. A recent study performed in general practices in the UK revealed that after 12 months on the diet, almost 50% of type 2 diabetes was reversed.


At the initial consultation, the physiology behind weight gain is explained, and triggers – eg, stress or boredom – are explored. The general principals of the diet, the reasons for yo-yo weight loss and regain and most importantly, how to prevent it from happening in the future, are discussed.

Details of the VLCD keto diet are discussed at the next consultation, and written material which contains details of the diet is supplied.

How the VLCD diet works

Our bodies prefer to burn carbohydrates to any other fuel, including fat. If we are deprived of carbs, we are forced to burn our second preference fuel, fat. During the fat burning process, we produce a by-product called ketones, and these are responsible for switching off hunger in the appetite centre of our brains. We can now cut down the calorie intake without feeling hungry. This is done with Meal Replacements (MRs) and ordinary low carb, low fat food. (If preferred, meal replacements can be replaced with low carb foods and added vitamins and minerals). People are often quite surprised about the quantity of low carb foods allowed!

Hints to slow the rate of stomach emptying which makes you feel fuller for longer, and different ways of using MRs are discussed.

Mindful eating, dealing with cravings, and exercising will also be addressed.

Medications can be prescribed at any stage if hunger develops or weight loss stalls.

On-going support is extremely important for success, and confidence and self-esteem improve as weight loss continues. People lose weight quite quickly with a VLCD keto diet compared to other diets, which also helps with motivation. Once the goal weight has been achieved, a much less restrictive maintenance diet is provided.

Start your journey

Please make an appointment to discuss this further if you would like Dr Watt’s support on your weight loss journey.