Everybody has times of sadness or feeling anxious, but when these feelings start to dominate your life and rob you of joy, you may need some help. At Merri-bek Family Doctors we listen first and seek to find skilful solutions to your mental health issues.

Mental Health Assessments

To address a mental health problem, please make a double (30 minutes) appointment with your doctor to begin the process. Your doctor will listen to understand your issues, and make an assessment of your mental health. Where appropriate and helpful they may create a mental health plan, which allows you to visit a psychologist, or other mental health professional, subsidised by Medicare.


The Psychological Service at Merri-bek Family Doctors offers a safe and supportive therapeutic space to explore mental health difficulties you may be currently experiencing. Our Clinical Psychologist, Dr Lisa Soares, is committed to helping her clients deepen their own understanding of their struggles by noticing what gets in the way of making positive change and assisting them in taking steps towards living a rich, full and meaningful life. read more …

The Richards Trauma Process

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) is a fast, safe, and highly effective therapy to relieve anxiety and depression. Devised by Judith Richards, herself a trauma survivor, TRTP removes the emotional charge from painful memories by giving you an experience of re-empowerment and re-parenting yourself in relation to those difficult memories. All this can be done without talking at length about the memories, and therefore without re-traumatizing. Dr Petrina Barson has taken many people to the other side of their pain with TRTP. Book an initial double (30 minute) appointment with her, so that she can assess whether it is suitable for you.

For further information on TRTP, visit What is TRTP


Counselling is provided by Dr Jeanette Pine, who works with individuals and families, and also specialises in children’s counselling.